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Rita Cabrera


Rita is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and holds a Masters degree in Psychology with specialization on Applied Behavior Analysis. With more than 5 years of experience, she has worked with children with special needs including Autism, implementing group therapy and 1:1 behavior therapy in home-based, educational and clinical settings, in order to improve social skills, daily living skills, academic performance, as well as decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Rita has conducted assessment sessions, developed and updated individualized intervention programs, supervised and trained behavior technicians and offered parental training. She is fluent in English and Spanish and she is known at work for being enthusiastic and maintaining an optimistic style of life.

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Noel Norman


Noel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and he has been working in management and company administration for more than 5 years, providing organizational procedures, practice automation, risk control system and development opportunities to businesses. His philosophy of managing processes more than people promotes a healthy, productive and happy work environment, which expresses in the quality of the customers’ experience. In addition, Noel has completed courses related to Applied Behavior Analysis and has worked directly with children and families in order to develop life critical skills and decrease problem behaviors at home.

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